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Legacy Quilts and Art is my art studio and website that includes my portfolio. On the relaunched site, you can also reach my shop on Etsy!

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Shop online at outlets such as Barnes and Noble or Amazon, or order from your local bookstore. Also, Iverem is selling a limited number of signed books online through her shop on Etsy.
‘Olokun of the Galaxy’ is a poetry and visual arts book that tells the story of an African spirit of the deepest ocean. Olokun is born when Earth’s oceans are born, s/he witnesses the Atlantic Slave Trade, industrial revolution, pollution of the planet’s water and, finally, s/he takes off into space to swim on other planets and moons of the Galaxy where there is water or liquid. Author and artist Esther Iverem developed this hardcover, beautiful book, suitable for older children to the oldest adults, to accompany a series of award-winning Olokun figures she creates from jeans and other reclaimed materials. She has exhibited these “pants dolls” across the United States since 2012, sold them at pop-up shops and online on the website for her studio and through the studio shop on Etsy. Honoring indigenous water protectors and the Movement for Black Lives, some of these “pants dolls” wear medallions that read “Water is Life” and “Mni Wicomi” or carry small photos of African Americans such as Eric Garner or Miriam Carey killed by state violence. This series and book takes Olokun from this earthly home to other oceans in the universe—including the waters beneath the ice of Europa, the methane lakes of Titan and the far-off star system of Sirius. Olokun is an ancient and medaled hero and heroine, both matriarch and patriarch, a conduit for embrace, safety and regeneration. S/he is also protector of humanity, urging us to save and conserve our water, which is life.  Click here for more info.

Water is Life!