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The Great March of Return                        By Esther Iverem

Come and see./ Come and see this new mound of dark corpses/ On which we plant the American flag./
On the body of an eighth-month-old/Suffocated blue from tear gas./ And on the teenager with half his head gone./ And on the woman, curled fetal
who will never be a mother./ Come and see as the dead fall in Gaza./And as the American flag rises.

Come and see the flag waving in Jerusalem./ The Marines color guard goose stepping./ The high-heeled standing ovations on occupied land./ Come see this ceremony and bold killing/ At the new shrine of empire./ See this parade of White Supremacy/
The hideous pageantry of Nazi science,/ Of apartheid science./ Where Lieberman knows every bullet/ And where every bullet landed.

See the murderer Netanyahu standing/ Spewing lies about peace, his tongue revealed/As swarm of maggots that devour his head./ See Jared Kushner, an ignoramus in a blue suit./ Parroting the party line. Like any average SS/ He has become death, the destroyer of worlds./ See Ivanka Trump: See, it is not all about Hitler./  But about those who followed and believed the lie,/ and repeated the lie and passed the lie to their children.

Come and see the trained, cowardly IDF snipers./ High up in canopied bunkers of cement/ Looking through their scopes./ Cursing, laughing and, now and then, taking turns/ Shooting across three barbed wire fences./  Killing children and journalists, Targeting the legs,/ Knees of thousands, creating an army of amputees./ Come and see these cowards point across/ Three barbed wire fences and shoot.

And so come and see thousands from Gaza/ Coming from ruins of a thousand bombings/ Coming from concentration camp rubble/ Where there is little water, little food, little electricity./ Where there are no jobs and there is no money./  Where farmers are shot trying to farm./ Where fisherman are shot trying to fish./ Where the sick just get sicker, wither and die./ Where, as the prisoners try to escape, they are shot.

Come and see the two million prisoners/ tired of dying and unafraid of death./ Come and see another dark people mourning,/ And then fighting back and choosing their land!/ Come and see them returning to their land/ Of dates, figs, pomegranates and oranges./ Come and see two million prisoners coming home/ To Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Safad, Ramle, Lydda, Al-Majdal, Askalan, Beersheba, Beisan and Jerusalem./Come and see two million prisoners returning./ Returning, returning, returning. Returning home.

© Esther Iverem 2018